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Matt Hendricks – Pursuing excellence with knives for over 10 years.

Sharpest blade I've used... I skinned 4 deer with your knife today. It's pretty awesome... Still shaving sharp. 4 deer!
Nicola Cerilli
Hey, I got the package a day early. The fit, finish and sharpness of the knife is awesome! You did such a good job on tapering to the point, the secondary bevel and polish. The handle is great too. I like that it's not too thick. The sheath is crisp and snappy... Slices and push cuts very well too!
Kevin Bowers

Why a Hendricks Knife?


Without good metallurgy, a blade can not be ground and sharpened to its full potential. All Hendricks Knives are expertly heat treated to ensure that each knife can reach its full potential. This not only means being able to take a scary sharp edge and have great blade geometry, but also the ability for the knife to hold its edge well.

Blade Geometry

The cross section blade geometry is every bit as important as to how the knife cuts as the actual cutting edge is. Your Hendricks Knife's metallurgy will only be rivaled by its excellent blade geometry. Grinding knives as thin as they can be while still leaving them durable to hold up is a skill that few people truly have, and it can only be learned through experience.


The cutting edge of the knife is what you initiate each cut with. Each knife will be personally sharpened by Matt on Japanese waterstones before being sent to you. He has repaired, reground, and sharpened thousands of knives. So, you can be sure that your knife will arrive truly razor sharp. Get one today and learn the true meaning of sharp!


Being a professional sharpener for over 10 years and working with professional chefs, home cooks, hunters, campers, etc. from all over the country means that Matt has not only repaired and sharpened thousands of knives, but he knows what knife designs actually work and what ones don't. All Hendricks knives are designed to not only look good, but more importantly to perform optimally in the real world.

Easy Maintenance

Hendricks Knives are designed and ground in such a way that they are easy for the user to sharpen and maintain at home or in the field. Because if you can't maintain the knife when you need to, then it won't be very useful to you. To help get you off on the right foot, Matt has numerous free and comprehensive and easy to understand and follow videos on knife sharpening, care, and use to make sure that you are successful. Each Hendricks knife also comes with its own high quality sheath or blade cover for your convenience.

Made in America

Matt is proud to be making high quality knives in America. Not only does this mean that you can get your knife faster when you order one, but if you ever inadvertently damage your knife, have a questions about how to care for it, or just want to send it back from professional resharpening, Matt is here to be able to answer your questions, or easily restore or sharpen your knife.

About Matt Hendricks

Matt Hendricks has been working with knives professionally and with passion for over 10 years.  During that time he has expertly sharpened, repaired, and reground thousands of knives for chefs, line cooks, home cooks, hunters, campers, culinary students, and more from all over the country with excellent reviews.

After starting The Sharpening Guy LLC in 2010, he realized, that he could make a superior knife to the majority of what was already out there.

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