Matt Hendricks

Matt Hendricks has been working with knives professionally and with passion for over 10 years.  During that time he has expertly sharpened, repaired, and reground thousands of knives for chefs, line cooks, home cooks, hunters, campers, culinary students, and more from all over the country with excellent reviews.

After starting The Sharpening Guy LLC in 2010, he realized, that he could make a superior knife to the majority of what was already out there.  After several years and thousands of hours of research and experience, he started Hendricks Knives in order to bring people knives that performed better than anything almost any of them had ever seen before or even knew was possible, all while giving people a high quality knife that was actually made in America.  Today, he is still on the journey to show people the true meaning of sharp.

When Matt isn’t making or sharpening knives, you can find him working with horses and dogs and spending time with his family.